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Friday, June 22, 2007

Flirting with Danger--true story

McGilly: Yeah, I have good balance. I can walk along the sea wall. I can walk along the sea wall with my eyes closed. I can walk along the sea wall and watch the ducks and turtles. I can walk along the sea wall with......(SPLASH!!!!!!!!) Mom, save me. (After Mommy saves him......) Whoa! What happened? Why am I all wet and stinky? AND this is my favorite shirt...oh, no!!! Mom, watcha,no, why are you putting me in the sink and putting shampoo on me? this a...BATH???!!!! Why are you ungluing my ears? OUCH!!! Okay, I'm never jumping into the lake again....ducks, geese, turtles...not for any reason!!!
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