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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Should I change food? Ahhh...this topic bores me! I just want somethin' yummy for my tummy!

I eat Orijen grain-free adult food (although I still act like an Irish Terrier PUPPY). My Mom thinks I should change food for my tummy's sake---any suggestions? Mom's thinking about Canidae- is it yummy too?


  1. Don't ask Fergi. She'll eat ANYTHING! Actually, come to think of it, so will I.

    There are sooooo many choices ... and you'll hear about'em all from all the different bloggers ... with lots of different opinions. Us? We're on a "quality" kibble (and just a few d handouts now and then.) Seems to suit us fine and we like it (but like we said, we like EVERYTHING! Considering we didn't get much to eat when we were mill dogs, we feel like we are eating gourmet every night.)

    Good luck in your query. And thanks for stopping by...
    Ready for an almost midnight snack ... say ... maybe ... some salmon?
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  2. Tra la la la la ya have a nic name dear dog? Of course I think you're handsome...I'm thinkin' we just might hafta go on a DATE...

    As for kibble...Jake and Fergi are right...DWB's has quite a variety of eaters...we eat California's hard to find one food that agrees with all our tummies, but this one does...

    Actually, if some dog asked my opinion, I'd only eat cheese doodles...I know, they add inches to the hips, but I ADORE them...

    Kisses and Flirty Barks,

    Laciegirlie XXOO And her stoopid brothers!

  3. hey, man!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Always love to hear from my terrier cousins. You look like a right fun chap.

    Where eatables are concerned, I'm into raw food all the way, bud. Wish I could offer some words of wisdom on that front, but I've got nothin'.

    Looking forward to checking out all of your earlier posts. Maybe I can get a handle on your wackiness.

    Your goober bud,

  4. Gillie...I like it...!! Plus, it's a bit faster to type!!!

    Yes, you are an attractive, STUD MUFFIN is an excellent description.

    I just want you to know that the "I survived my date with Lacie" bracelets do not reflect my sweet personality. For some reason (as you saw in the Lakeland Exercise program pix) my toofers and willingness to use 'em intimidate some of the less um terrier like dogs. We'll put a shout out for ya on our bloggie...

    Flirty kisses and batting eyelashes...Laciegirlie

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm going to follow you too! I have always eaten Iams dog food and it works our pretty well for me.

  6. Hey! Nice to meet you. I have a sensitive tummy, but I do OK on a combination of Taste of the Wild and Back to Basics. That Back to Basics stuff is sometimes hard to find, though.

    We tried lots of different foodables before we found the right thing. Good luck!


  7. HI! We are Gus Dagger and Teka Toy Dagger from Mayemphis Tennessee. We are gooooood friends with Butcho and his mama, and we know lots of the other names in your comment column.

    Oh...I am a Wire Fox like Butcho and Jake and Fergi et al, Teka, however is a Jack Russell. Sheesh!

    You are a cute fellow, and we're neighbors (kindasorta).

    Come visit us at We will be back.

    Oh, and FOOD is my favorite subject. Officially...we are eating Wellness Holistic Anchovy stuff, we like their Salmon and Sweet Potato toooo. Unofficially, like tonight, we got some grilled chicken breast and a piece of baby broccoli each, plus one dried apricot. Really though. We'll eat almost anyting, and fight over it too!

    gussie and Teka Toy Dagger

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  9. I've been on a variety of different diets and kibbles including, Nutro Ultra, Science Diet, Nature's Variety Instinct and raw medallions. It took my mom over 3 years to finally find one that agreed with my sensitive tummy. Now I get a raw chicken leg quarter each morning (the bones and all, but minus the skin) and this really seems to be doing me good. I used to have itchy legs and feet and a weird growth on my ear, but this has all cleared up since I started this diet. I'm even beginning to smell better too! So if you ask me, I think you should look into a raw diet.


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