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Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Another McG Monday!!!!!!

Sorry about the quality of the photos, folks, but me mom's iPhone had to suffice!
We ran the errands with the pawrents on Sunday afternoon.
Ah.... 65 degrees is MS!!!
Don't be alarmed... we are going at a snail's pace!
AND, we have our seat belts on!
Lovin' hangin' me head out the window!
Look Muffur (fur mom)! This is how we do it!!!

So distinguished, yet goofy looking...

I smell me favorite pizza joint, Sal and Mookies!!!

Hey! There's me friend! Never-mind! Just another Airedale... not any of me pals!

Now... here's me Muffur (fur mom)...
Looking good... cruising around town...

WHAT? NO! You can't do that Muffur! SO, SO, SO uncool!
Don't advertise like that!

No! You have it all wrong You have to do it cool, McG style!

Such an embarrassment!

Look At HER!!!! This is so not cool, man!
What if somedawg sees her and (gulp) thinks it's me?
Me thinks me must go incognito at doggie daycare tomorrow!

Maybe something like this....
Just call me Snoop Dawg!

Bob Marley...Rasta Mon!!!

Now, back home, in me crib, I mean OUR crib with our pawrents

Just The Two Of Us...

Me Can Make It If Me Try...

Just the Two of Us-
You and I!!!! (McG hits the bass notes)
(see my Itty-Bitty Rump in front of me fur mom's big one)

Over and Out! Happy Monday to you all!
Irish Love,
McGillicutty, aka the McGillinator, the Gilliemeister!


  1. Sob. I feel so left out since my ride doesn't have proper windows in the back for me to stick out my large and wanting to sniff the breeze snooter. Although the almost flying out the window look is kind of uncool.


  2. You are quite lucky. We are not allowed that much window to stick our heads out. The pawrents keep the control "OFF" for the back seats, because dumb old Nigel got himself caught in the up cycle one time.


  3. Happy Monday dude. Looks like your ride is totally cool, we don't have windows in the back of our poop truck that go down, they go out. lame.

  4. wind thru the whiskers theres nothing better for sure, gotta show your mom the moves it takes oldies forever to get hip!

  5. Yep Gillie. Quite the dapper dog, need to teach the Muffer some cool moves. Though you do look wickedly good in your matchymatchy collars. Are they by Dublin Dog?

    Xpect you were getting supplies for Paddy's day on your trip out huh? Guinness. And more Guinness. Oh and don't forget the Guinness!

    Wiry loves Eric xxx

  6. Mom says thanks fur the earworm!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  7. Um Gillie...(Lacie speaks in a whisper...) your mum caught me again...sneakin' in the housie at night....can't you stuff cotton in her ears? Honestly, this is getting quite

    Can't you make her a hot carob, skim with double whipped? A glass of warm milk? of my special SNORING MAMA SMOOTHIES...

    Oh the Laciegirlie is brilliant...

    Just have her insert the straw into her Irish mouth and our worries are over...

    Lacie giggles...

    See ya at 0300!!!

    Laciecakesbeastiegirlieprincess XXOO

  8. How lucky that you two got to go for such a fun car ride. I bet all of the ladies who saw you fell in love!

  9. Sure you two enjoyed your car ride!
    I love all the pictures... included the sleepy ones!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Gotta love those ears! Flappin' in the wind! Maybe the shades while you're sticking your head out the window will keep the wind and dirt from botherin' you! To say nothing about how stylish they are!

    Thanks for letting us go along for the ride.

    Jake and Fergs xxoo

  11. Oh my, Mama would freak if I stuck my head out the window. She never lets me do that. But usually we're riding in the big van and it has hooooge windows, so I sit on Mama's lap and I can see everything. You better teach your Muffur the rules of the road. We are soooo jelly of your 65 degree weather. It's still barely into the 30's here. Mama going to send you a pmail, so watch for it.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

  12. Your ride looked superb. We love your collar, such style you have.

    Molly, Taffy and MOnty


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