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Friday, October 26, 2007

The show has to end some time in some way...


McGIll: Ahhh...this is how I'd rather be...naked!

Blah....I don't think I like the red one!

Here's my second outfit

At the show

McGill: I AM holding my tail up, Mr. Bill. Well, I tried anyway. I'm tired from doing my little thing on the catwalk!

Is this a good pose?

More Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion Show for Talbots Department Store

McGill: I modeled the Halloween attire. My great pumpkin sweater and collar. I told mom I felt that the thing around my neck was a bit much---kind of sissy. She said I looked like a star. Hmmm.....a star.....

What's that I hear?

I'll Be Good, I Promise

McGill: Mr. Bill, Ipromise I'll be good. I'll do a sit-stay---see. I won't move a muscle.

A Look at All the Fashion Show Models

McGill: I sure did love all those people watching me!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Up Close--Another Pic of My Birthday Present

McGillicutty: I could stare at this all day. Boy, oh boy, am I handsome!!! A lady named Olga painted this. Bill and Joni really did a great job with my mom's birthday present. And, boy, was she surprised!

My Birthday Present From Bill and Joni

McGillicutty: Isn't this the best birthday gift ever? I gave them the idea. Of course, what could be better than a painting of Yours Truly?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My How Time Has Flown...Almost 22 Weeks Old...

McGilly: If you just look into my big brown eyes for just 30 seconds, you'll fall in love with me, I promise.

Amy's the Best...Check out my new hair-do

I am such an angel...No, really, I am...

McGilly: I really am sweet. Every morning, I gently awake my mom by giving her kisses on the nose. Then I kiss each eye. When I do that, she opens her eyes and loves on me. Then, the BEST thing happens...I roll over on my back, and she gives me the most awesome belly rub and massage. Gosh, I love the morning time. But, I digress...I just thought this picture captured my angelic side.

In Action...A Big Blur

McGilly: And now, I'll whip around the corner here, and run over there, and run back here, and speak to my mom, "Hey mom, I'm talking to you...not don't snap that picture....Geeeees

More Coffee Please, Mom

Devilish Smile..

McGilly: And guess what I did next...Well, I don't remember, but I bet it was something really mischievous!

Sitting Proud and Showing Off

Looking Snazzy...

McGilly: You can really see in this picture how great of a job Amy did. Aren't I handsome?

One of my favorite napping chairs...

What'd You Say?

McGilly: Let me make sure I heard you correctly----Did you just say DINNERTIME?

My Favorite Position At the Door

McGilly: I love to look out the front door of our house. I'm such a great greeter....ah..hemm...I mean protector of the home.

Hanging Out

A Still Moment

McGilly: I look good even in Black and White/ Sepia don't I?

Have You Had Your Cup of Joe This Morning????

McGilly: Here I am at my mommy'sbar having my daily cup of Joe...just kidding..only a treat in the bottom of this cup. She says coffee is bad for Irish Terriers....

Going, Going, Gone...

McGilly: These stairs are hard work....think I'll take a nap now.....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Up the Stairs, Down the Stairs, Up the Stairs, Down the....

McGilly: These stairs are so cool. Why haven't I thought of this earlier? Don't worry---I'm careful, and my mom NEVER let's me do it alone, darn it!!!
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My New Trick---Top of the Stairs...

McGilly: Uh-Uh, mom, I'm not coming down. Whatcha need?
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What's That?????

McGilly: Yeah, I know I'm the King of Lake Caroline...
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Oh, I So Sleepy......

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Oh How I've Grown!!

McGilly: Amy stripped me last week--aren't I gorgeous? She did a FABULOUS job! What more could you expect from Amy Sumners than the best----she IS the best of the best. Just look at my expression! Look at my eyebrows! I just think I'm the best lookin' guy in the world! What do you think? Oh, and I LOVE this chair in my mom's keeping room---it is sooooo......comfy!!!!
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Hey Baby!!!

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Don't You Love Me?

McGilly: Give Me a Hug!!
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On the stairs taking a rest...

McGilly: I like this stair riiiiiiiight here.... Ahhhh...
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