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Thursday, February 25, 2010

We've Come A Long Way, Baby! No Blarney!!!

Irish Terriers At Play...

This is how we do it...Lots of Butt Bumps and Cat-Like Moves. Oh so fun!

Me Muffur....So Obedient....

It is at the end...wait for me to stop aggravating her...isn't she lovely?

When asked how we are geting along, I say that it comes in 4 phases very similar to sleep...

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV

Enough said, huh?

Oh, and me Laciegirl, please stop sending me muffer recipes. She gets very excited seeing that the first ingredient is green beans, and then she notices ingredients like A.butter, B. Cheese, C.More Cheese, and then she notices it is green bean alfredo sauce. She cannot have that even if it has green beans. She also cannot drink any of your green bean recipes like Long Island Green Bean Iced Tea, or Cosmopawlitan (add a splash of green beans), or Green Bean Martinis. These, me dear, have many calories, and that's what me muffur has to forgo. To keep the peace, please do not offer any of your nutritional ideas, for they only make our bonding more difficult. For future information, a fat lady gets awfully grumpy when teased while on a diet.



Hello all! I'm here, Irish, and I'm fat and fabulous! I am a plus-sized model, you see. Now me Mom has me on a diet. I was stripped yesterday (Oh, McG says to clarify that I wasn't strippING...not that kind of girl). And now, I am georgeous!

I am quite angry at me son right now. He entered me in the Biggest Loser auditions. As if! They have been calling me cell phone, and I cannot get them off me back now. I have to lose almost half me body weight, so the vet says. Oh, and the doc also says after every test he could think to run that I am healthy, but, ahem, obese (I say plump).

I have been walking 1 mile in the morning and 1 mile in the evening. I even broke into a run this morning for about 1 minute. Me Mom runs me monster of a son for about 4-5 miles after we walk all together. I love this routine, but sheesh, these walkies are awfully tiring for this Irish lady. Just show me to me tea and crumpetts please! getting hungry. Oh, and Laciecakes, I just have to meet you. Me son says you are eloquent and polite as I. And, Stan, we must also meet very soon. Me son says you are quite the catch!

Later folks, me Mom and son just walked in. How do they go that far? And he STILL has energy....sheesh. I must get to designing Laciegirl's purple hot pants and halter top. Just kidding! That is what she requested, but me thinks that a purple lacey, long, dress with some sequins for her dazzling personality will do. Did I mention LONG dress?

Oh, and later I will post the video where I tell me son in Bill Cosby's words..."I brought you into this world, and I can take you out" in one little growl.



Monday, February 22, 2010

After A Walk...You Get 2 Tired IT's

We were so tired after our walk. Me mom said that we did great on our walk together- side by side and no pulling. I walked next to me mom and Jules walked on the outside, but we were on the left side of me mom.

We KNOW that Mom is alpha...that is for sure. But, we have not established a pecking order just yet. She wants to be and I am going to win this. I have been bullying her around so far, but me mom said that could change.

I want to play with her. I keep bringing her me toys, but she will not interact. I hope she gets to be more fun eventually. Me thinks that she is going to warm up to us soon. She is just tired from her long trip to the South.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get Some Water, Jules!!!

Here We Are! Just Getting Aquainted...

My Mom Is Here!!!

We are adjusting quite well. I am not sure about my furmom in my home...I didn't even invite her. Maybe I can take carge...I mean after my human parents...let's see...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Clear The Confusion....

Okay, me thinks me created some confusion. Usually, I'm perfectly articiculated....(LACIE? Still foggy headed, by the way)...anyway...this is me Fur Mommy feeding me when I was a wee pup...Awwwww...sweeet huh?

Now, do you REALLY think that I would have to resort to her as a, well, you know....seriously folks...really? Me? THE Ladies' Man?

NO! She is er, um, spayed, fixed, unable to have any love interests, just my mommy/sister, you get what I'm sayin'? Just a playmate and companion!!!! She's so cool too!

This is my fur mommy. She is 5 years old. Isn't she pretty? She is going to be coming to live here with us permanently for many reasons. I don't really know how I feel about it. I've been told that she is gonna be the alpha because she is a bitch (speaking in correct terms, not rude terms).
But, My MOM will and always be alpha, but you know, in nature the pack has an order. So, here, it might be Mom, then, er, um Mister, then me! Hmmph....Not sure how I feel about being last...

She will be flying in from Pennsylvania on Saturday. So, please keep your paws crossed. Say some prayers that we have a smooth re-introduction and we love each other. Mom is worried about us not liking one another (which we have a great home lined up if that happens). Mom is also just anxious because she will have TWO of us, and she is just unsure of the unknown.

Please say some prawers for us! We will ALL have quite a transition. We have lots of help and support from many folks, and with you all behind us too...well, we are going to be A.O.K!!!!

As a closer... Oh yeah, baby, I got it and earned it!!!!!! Lacie, I love ya, girlie, but I HAD to wear this with pride!!!!!

Then, I thought about it...just so me Laciegirl doesn't get offended... Me thinks I'll go incognito...just call me Snoop Dogg....Bow wow wow yippe yo yippe yay!!!!!!

A Royal Package For Moi'?

What is it, Mom? I was just catching up on the most recent issue of New York Magazine so I can see what's going on in Asta's world (Notice the magazine to the right).

Oh, I got Royal Mail? Well, of course, what else would you expect me to get? I mean, you think I'd get any other? I, myself get royal treatment, and....what's that? OH! Ok, that means it's from England? Did Eric send me something, or did Bobby? Oh, neither one?

It's from Lucy Jackson? Who's that? (Notice not Who 'Dat) I remember now! She is THE Irish Terrier expert of all time. She writes the book of Irish Terrier, literally. She even has children's books about Irish Terriers. I think her website is I check it all the time. She is such a nice lady who is devoted to our breed. How cool is that? Anyway, that means SHE IS A CELEBRITY sending ME mail!!! Oh cool, Let's open now!

Armmgh,Armghm,Rip,Chew, Mmm..Paper...Fiber...Swallow...Good for Gillie. Huh? Ok, Mom, no swallowing the paper.

Say, how'd she find out about me? I mean, I know I'm famous, but all the way in England, come on?

Oh, you've been communicating with her and her assistant? Why, might me ask?

About Juliet? That's me dog mom's name...what about her?

Yeah, I can't read dat..moving on...

A CALENDAR! WOW! JUST WHAT ME NEEDED! Now, me can pencil in all me hot dates. Oh, and it's an Irish Terrier calendar. I love it! Thanks Ms. Lucy!

Hey...isn't that Ms. Jane's dogs? She signed my guestbook with this cool.

Lacie, I'm lookin' at this date right here.

Now, back to this human writing...what's that say, Mom? Why does Juliet need luck? Why do WE need luck with Juliet? We are WHAT? REALLY? Oh my dogness! Can't breathe, can't think, oh dogness...oh me Irish heart...

You mean to say that she may be coming to visit? What? For good? So, I will have constant company? Oh boy, fun times ahead!

Wait a minute, you getting rid of me? Or, are you sending me away again to do dog shows? Oh, phew! Yay! I'm gonna have a sister, er, another mother...what is she, a mister (combination of Mom and Sister)?! Will she have to fly to get here? Oh, no, let me call her and give her some tips on that.

But, will I still be "your one and only"? Hmmm...let me think about this for a few Irish moments... I'll let you know if I will allow you do to this or not after I pawnder this...More Later...

I may need to consult with all my friends out there in blogland. What's your thoughts? Drop me a Blarney or Guinness Reflection below.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Post Valentine's Date With Me Spicy Girl, Lacie

Well, I'm a little embarrassed. I must say, being Irish, me NEVER has had a hangover. What kind of "smoothie" did Lacie slip in me pint of Guinness?

I had dreams about the date all day long...look at me face! What's that all about?

Mom could not make up our bed all day long because I would not awaken. SO not like me. Lacie, me thinks you achieved what no other dog or human has been able to made me tired.

STILL out! Me cannot believe me eyes...Irishdogs of the world, sorry if me let you down

Almost awake...oh, me hungover...but me survived the date. Recouperation ahead...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Me HOT date and Max's World Tour

This post is dedicated to Penny, Poppy and Patches' Dad and to Wally....we would have waited in deference to them to post this, but dear MAX is on his World Tour and popped by to see us....we hope that the silliness here helps to give someone a smile today!!!

(musically voiced) Whose That Lady? Sexy Lady!
Lacie, That's Who...She Pulled Out All The Stops....Oh, What a Time We Had!!!!

Oh, and we had a special visitor, thank dogness!!! Max, my main man!!

Our Flight To Ireland, Me Homeland--Thanks Petey!

Petey paid for 4 tickets...Me, Max (me bodyguard), Lacie, and Lacie's Tookus....

I Had To Make A Pitstop...I know totally not romantic

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go...Oh what beautiful countryside...Me homeland....

Now, for the sight-seeing and most importantly, impressing me Laciegirl...

First Thing...Our Jaunting Car Ride

Lacie complains the entire time about the "stinking mule". It's supposed to be romantic, Lacie, Come On! Lots of shrieking!!!

We Went To Kiss The Blarney Stone

Ah, The Blarney Stone...We HAD to do this...Lacie kept telling me it was not clean, but me thinks she was secretly worried about her rather large derriere getting stuck in that small space.

Lacie Kissing The Blarney Stone

You have to lay on your back and tilt your head back to kiss the stone properly. "I've got ya, Laciegirlie, don't worry"...oh, the back end is so, so heavy...beginning to slip..uh oh...

Somethin' Told Me To Bring My Plunger...Good Suction For That Derriere

I KNEW it! Oh, my georgeous lady, let me help ya, dear..Lacie is REALLY squealing loudly now, by the way...yikes, me ears!!!...

Don't Worry, NOT Getting Married Folks

On Valentine's Day, We HAD to go here! Oh my dogness, I'm so romantic! So, here we are visiting Saint Valentine...

Here's Some Info Me Dug Up On The Place:

Whitefriar church:Built in the 19th century and similar to the pro-cathedral, leading to the (unproven) conclusion that George Papworth was the architect of both churches. In 1835 Pope Gregory XVI gave the relics of Saint Valentine to the church, so what better place to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Me Pub...The Old Country Way Of Spelling It

Had to stop here first...After all that excitement, me needs some drinks. Oh, Lacie, don't be upset, I've got your blender, see?

Inside Our First Pub

Don't we make a great couple. I made sure Max was nearby, for the drinking had begun. And, Lacie was putting them away. Doesn't she look just smashing, though?

My Valentine's Date: A HOT COUPLE

Beer good! My Lacielady, even better!

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