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Friday, October 26, 2007

The show has to end some time in some way...


McGIll: Ahhh...this is how I'd rather be...naked!

Blah....I don't think I like the red one!

Here's my second outfit

At the show

McGill: I AM holding my tail up, Mr. Bill. Well, I tried anyway. I'm tired from doing my little thing on the catwalk!

Is this a good pose?

More Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion Show for Talbots Department Store

McGill: I modeled the Halloween attire. My great pumpkin sweater and collar. I told mom I felt that the thing around my neck was a bit much---kind of sissy. She said I looked like a star. Hmmm.....a star.....

What's that I hear?

I'll Be Good, I Promise

McGill: Mr. Bill, Ipromise I'll be good. I'll do a sit-stay---see. I won't move a muscle.

A Look at All the Fashion Show Models

McGill: I sure did love all those people watching me!

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