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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Look Out Hollywood- There's a new Firehouse Dog in Town!

Yeah...I could do this Firehouse Dog thing...

Mom, will they let me take a picture on the firetruck?

McGillicutty: They even let me get IN the firetruck...thanks Gluckstadt firemen!

Firehouse Dog 2

Just chillin' out as Snoop Doggy Dogg

Did I hear that right? An award for ME??????

Yes, I got an award!!!

I wore these sunglasses all day....

McGillicutty: I really didn't mind them at all. I wore them all da long even after the snoop dogg stuff came off! I'm such a cool dog!

What my name is? Snoop Doggy-what-doggy-what-doggy-dog!


Getting Ready to be Snoop Dogg at the Halloween Parade

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Look at this face!

I really think I'll sleep in this morning...

Do I HAVE to get up?

I think I'll just hang out in here for a while, okay Mom?

Oh, hey mom...I'm so silly, huh?

My new thing...

McGillicutty: For reasons that only I know, I like to sleep in the bathtub sometimes. My mom crept in and took this picture of me the other day.

Aren't I handsome?

Ms. Amy is getting me ready for the December show...

Dreaming again....

Sweet Dreams...

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