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Hi There! My name is McGillicutty, and I'm so glad that you stopped by to visit my blog. I am a debonaire young lad who is as mischeivious as he is handsome. I hope you enjoy my blog!

follow me, and i'll lead you through some wild adventures. so, sit back, grab a guinness (or harp, smithwick's, and any of me other favorite irish brewskies), and enjoy!

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...“If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough."

Thursday, May 31, 2007

That's enough pictures, Mommy!!!

McGill: Okay, Mommy, I've had enough. Snap one more picture and.....
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My portfolio

McGill: Look at me baby---I'm a star! Did you get my best smile?
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Mister Distinguished-almost 11 weeks

McGill: Look at me, Look at me!! And I got in this chair all by myself!

I've got the right stuff...

McGill: Aren't I handsome?
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Up close and personal

Jaime: Okay, McGilly, one more time...just let me zoom in....

McGilly: Please hurry up mom, I've got some zoomin' to do myself!

McGilly-almost 11 weeks-Posing

Jaime: McGill, just be still--pose for me...wait, stop, I have a toy for you...

McGilly: Huh? Oh, okay, snap the picture and give me....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Leaves--my favorite!

Jaime: McGilly---It's time to go inside. Mommy has to cook dinner.

McGilly: I got a's a good's a very good's a great leaf...I love my leaf....

Jaime: But, McGill, there will be leaves tomorrow too. Come now, let's go inside.

McGilly: (thinking to himself...I'll hide it in my mouth...then I can obey her "come" command AND have my leaf.)
Okay, mom, coming....

Jaime: (inside getting ingredients out to cook) McGilly, you sure are being quiet. What are you up to? (walking around the island in the kitchen to where he is laying). Oh, you have your leaf. Silly McGilly!!!
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where I come from...


This is my family in Pennsylvania. My breeder mommy, Tracey, named me Ryan after a child in her neighborhood, so all the pictures that say 'Ryan' are me. There is also a picture of my mommy, Juliet Rose, and my daddy, Prince Harry. There is a picture of all of us nursing--boy, do I miss that! The first picure is me sleeping on my back which is still my favorite sleep position. In the pink shirt is one of my favorite people, Nina,---she sure was fun and crazy. Aren't I adorable?

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When I first met Daddy

McGill: This is my daddy, huh? Well, he seems pretty cool. I'm still not so sure though. Mommy said she had to do a lot of sweet-talking to convince him to get me, so I'll put him on a probational period. In two weeks, I'll let everybody know what I think of the dude. But, you know, he does seem to love me---you know, something like love at first sight. Yeah, I'm gonna like his guy-he's scratching my belly.
Oh yeah, baby!!!!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Mommy

McGill: This is my mommy. She likes to run (She is in the center picture in the black shorts and pink top) and all the other pictures with her great friend, Jessica. She tells me that when I grow up, I'm gonna be a runner too, and I will cheer her on from the finish line of all of her marathons.
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My Mommy and Daddy

McGill: Here they are!!! They're so nice!! I'm such a lucky Irish!!!

My show-off dad-Prince Harry

McGill: Here is my biological daddy (in the center). I was told that he is a legend in the show ring. He walks with absolute grace. Oh, and when the obedience trainer, Miss Suzanne, came over, she told my mommy that I walked beautifully....I get that from my dad! Oh, and I also have his love for shoes. I love those things, and the stinkier the better. Unfortunately, Miss Suzanne taught my mommy a new trick. When I pick up a shoe, my mommy says, " McGilly, Leave it. " I put it down and I get a treat, how cool is that? I digress, my dad's name is Ch Prince Harrison of Thistlestone, and he is gorgeous, dahling. His owner, Jim, is quite proud of him and I am too. I hope I carry on his legacy. I definitely have his good looks. What a stud!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My beautiful mom, Juliet Rose

McGill: Hello everyone! This is my biological mother. Her name is Juliet, and she is a champion in all aspects. Her interests other than being beautiful for confirmation include obedience trials and agility. Boy, can my mom jump!! She could even jump into the play pen where my brothers, sisters, and I were kept---and that's about 3-4 feet!. She would tuck her back legs underneath her and leap straight up and over the side---wow--I hope I grow up to be like her. I have a lot of her good qualities. I am very smart and I'm already jumping. My mom's temperment is very calm, and I am pretty chilled out too. My coat looks exactly like hers right now. She rode with my mommy (Jaime), my sister, Fiona, and my breeder mom, Tracey (Gee, I have a lot of moms, but I digress) to the airport in Allentown, PA. I think she knew that I was leaving her because she jumped in the front seat with us and draped her front paw over me as if to hug me goodbye. It made my mommy, Jaime cry a little bit. But, I kissed mommyJaime and told her, "Let's get to my new home in Mississippi!". And, we did. I was such a good boy on the plane. I slept in my mommy's arms the entire flight. She tells me I'm a dream come true for her. Gotta Go!
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Meet McGillicutty, the Irish Terrier--8 weeks

Hi my name is McGillicutty and I am an Irish Terrier. I am 8 weeks old in this picture-aren't I handsome? My hobbies include chewing sticks, finding leaves, chasing anything that flies, and chewing my nylabone, kong toy, and antler toy (all from the Snooty Pooch in Madison, MS. Check them out online at Anyway, I digress, I'm a puppy I have a million things going through my mind. I also love hanging out at the Snooty Pooch and playing with my bestest friend in the world, Marie Leveaux . She's a French Bulldog, and we play hard. I am well-behaved, for a terrier, that is. I love cheese and Wellness turkey and duck treats. I am working on commands of down and waiting to go through a doorway after my mom (that's a respect thing) My trainer, Mrs. Suzanne Vening, is awesome, and she is dedicated to helping my mom make me a good boy. Bill at the Snooty Pooch is determined to make me behave as well-he's a lot of fun too. The only thing that I dislike is having my ears glued---I absolutely hate that! They say they have to or they'll flop around like Scooby-Doo. I can scream pretty loud when my ears are glued too. Mommy's helpers for that are Tracey, my breeder, and Rose Marie Saparito, both from PA, who are both loyal to making my breed the best it can be--thanks to both of ya'll--see I'm alreadyy talking like a southerner! Well, I've gotta run. Later!
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