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...“If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Visited Me Mom--Therapy Irish Terriers

Miss Amy brought us to see me mom last night. She kept telling us to be "good therapy dogs" and me thinks to meself "Uh Oh, I'm only a level 1 graduate (and I've a LONG way to go.... has she lost her mind?" But, I got to me house, went to me bedroom, and me Moms was there laying on me bed. I knew she was not well. I gently laid by her left side and put me head on her chest. I didn't move. She needed me ( and I needed her), and I just gave her love. First things first though, McMuffer and I had a contest to see who could give her kisses the longest--me on her left cheek and McMuffer on her right cheek. She had tears in her eyes, so we knew that she needed kisses.

I looked up at her with me big brown eyes every so often to let her know that I'm here for her. I love me moms so, so much.

McMuffer left the room to make sure her food bowl was there (of course)---plus sized model, you know. She rubbed in the clothes in the closet and she checked in on us every now and again. Me? I never moved... glued to me mom's side. Sidenote: McMuffer now weighs 32 lbs. (down from 43 lbs) and has about 5 lbs to go. She's upset that she may lose her contract with her modeling agency for the big and beautiful. She's quite slender, I must say.

Me moms doesn't feel like using the puter too much these days (even with the iPad that me pops bought her) so she asked me to apologize. She is just in too much pain. So, I snuck onto the puter when she wasn't lookin'. Send some zen and pawers her way. They are trying to find the best surgeon for the procedure, and me hopes that she just magically heals without it, but the docs say it is necessary. Me thinks she needs to hurry up and get out of pain, heal, and get me home. I miss home, me toys, me yard, me runs with her, me treats, me Tempurpedic bed, me pillow, me mom's lap, me sofa, me pops' embrace, me pops belly rubs, and stealing off of me kitchen counter.

Thanks to all of you for the kind words and the Tulips from DWB....amazing. Me moms favorite is tulips.

Just one more time... look how precious I am FINALLY resting with me moms!!!! Blimey, I love that lady. She's the best moms in the world. But if I had to choose where I rather be if she can't care for me right now, it's with her friend Miss Amy.... she is awesome. I've been a bad boy for her though. Not because I mean to, but it's just so much fun to be bad. Remember, I'm Irish...

Here are some photos taken at Easter--just the weekend before the wreck. Look how happy we are!! Oh, I miss me mom. Oh, and there is one that has me with me 1st acupuncture needle. By the way, that holistic vet cured me.. I haven't had a problem since the day I saw her---March 31st. I now know how McMuffer got fat----I enjoy me food now---raw, baby. It may be a while before you guys hear from us, but we miss you like crazy!!!!!!!

Laciegirliesweetiecakes, this one's for you, babe!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jackson's Getting Better---YIPPPEEEE!!!And Me Muffer Gives Me A Modeling Lesson

Before we get to our post....
This message is for Lacienursiebeastiecakes.... wherever you are...

McJules aka McMuffer, here...

I'm ARMED with me bunny slippers to throw at ya! AND, YES
me toofers have been sharpened...
Oh, and I have enough re-runs of
"The Golden Girls" and "Mama's Family"
to keep me up ALL night long!


A new doggie (unisex) pawfume was purchased
for me muffur and me. It is called "Sexy Beast",
and it smells so, so good.
Even the vet commented that we smelled good.

Some of you know that me McMuffer, McJules, is a model.

Some of you ALSO know that I am out of commission for a while
because I have injured me cruciate ligament and me paw pad.
SO, me muffer thought that she would teach me the
tools of her trade to occupy me time since
I can't go on walkies or go to daycare right now.

BUT, me Laciegirl comes over every night to take
care of me. What a great nurse she is!!!
I just don't remember much after she leaves... bizarre, huh?
Me muffer is giving me Laciecakes, er, um,
She just barks and bites whatever she can get first (her arse)
when she sees me Laciebeastienurse enter our home.
I digress... out of me personal life and on to me

Okay, me lad. Mom bought us this new pawfume,
and the designers want photos of us
modeling it. The name of the pawfume is
"Sexy Beast"
First, you need to know how to not only look into
the camera, but how to look beyond the camera
and pretend that you are in love with camera.

McJ: Like this.
McG: Like This?
McJ: Um, not quite, me lad

Oh, me knows now...
Like THIS...
Yes, yes, me thinks you're getting it, me son!

Now, here are some of me own photo shoots.

Remember, Be A


Introducing the New Fragrance,
Sexy Beast...

Oooooo Sexxxxxy....

Oooooooooo BEASTIE!!!!!!!

Sexy Beast----Buy It Today!

McJ: Okay, me lad, your turn...

McG: I don't want to, muffer. Do I HAVE to?

McMuffer: YES!!!

McG: Well, okay, here goes!


(Mom apologizes for the bad focus... she was laughing at me)

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!!!
(Non-toxic to dogs, folks... or so it says)

McG: Muffer??? Hey, Wake up, McMuffer?

McJ: You wear me out, son.

McG: All in a day's work!!!!!

Pee-ess... Laciebeastienursiecakes, um, NOW would be a great time to come over!!!!

(Disclaimer: We have NO connections with the pawfume, SexyBeast. It is a fragrance that we like for our, well, beasts. Besides, McMuffer wanted to do a photo shoot with her boy, and this provided the pawfect opportunity.)
(Again, this is NOT an advertisement)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here's To You Jackson... Saying Prayers For You, Me Lad

Jax, our tough terrier friend, we all are sending
prayers and healing paws your way, me lad.

Our Flags Are Stretched

Our Circle Is Around You

And Asta's "wishing on the dogstaw"

Channel that terrier in you, me lad!
Paws are crossed here

Irish Love,
McG and McJ

Friday, March 19, 2010

Me Lucky Barkday Date.... Viva Bark Vegas!!!!!

At me birthday pawty, me Lacieprincess jumped out of me cake.
I was SO surprised!!!!
She had her blender and a pawple creation already made.
She was stunning in that green dress... arooooooo!!!
She said, "Hey me Irish Studmuffin! Let's go to Bark Vegas!"

When we got to Bark Vegas, there was ANOTHER
Barkday Pawty!
Excuse the green icing all over us - those things were quite
messy, especially after 2 pawple Lacie smoothies!

Now, Doyle and Mollie Threw this HUGE Pawty for me, so
you may have already seen the photo on his blog
If not go and visit it NOW!

Here are just a few photos from their site:

Hey, did ya know that Doyle has his own lounge?

Here I am with Mollie and Joe Stains
(he's wearing green contacts to honor me birthday AND St. Paddy's Day!)
Oh, that Joe!!!

Here I am with me best pal, Colin Farrell.
"Good to see ya, me lad!"
Me thinks Doyle and Asta were a bit shocked that I knew Colin.
But, I'm the McGillinator--'nuff said.
We were all bolloxed --- even Mango and Khyra (me thinks me Laciegirl slipped
Khyra a special smoothie blend in her
iced tea--from the looks of Kyhra's face)
Look at me face!!! I was buckled!!!

Now, back to me date...

A quick change of clothes, and off to dinner at
The Nine Fine Irishmen! Num, num, num, num, num!
(Look at what a cute couple we are!)
It was located inside New York, New York Casino,
so we decided to do a little gambling.

Me favorite game is Craps because....
well, never mind that.

WE WON BIG!!!!!!!!!!

Here is winning the picture...

We won a RED Ferrari (even though me Laciegirl insisted upon pawple)!!!!!
Me Laciebeastieprincessit'sallaboutmegirl
wanted to drive even though her driver's license has been revoked!
So against me better judgement...

We took it for a spin down the Strip
Well, don't ya know that she ran into a fire hydrant!!!
We were right in front of the Bellagio, so we made the most of the, ahem, stop.

This time, we won 5.6 million smackeroonies!!!!
Well, after those doggone taxes (more than human taxes),
We were only left with 1.1 million smackeroonies.
Here is the photo of us capturing our winnings...

Then, what else, we went and bought ANOTHER ferrari, oh yeah, baby!!!
This time we got a Ferrari 575 M Maranello

We spent the next couple of days getting spa treatments and
losing and winning and losing and winning
and losing and losing....
So, me asked me favorite girlie if she wanted to go to Tiffany's and spend the rest on a real fancy collar necklace, and she of course said...
So, off to the jewelry counter we went!
She had the hardest time making up her mind....
but, she finally did.
You know what? $1.1 Million doesn't last very long!!!
Well, at least not if you are the McGillinator and his Lacinator!
We realized we had spent ALL the money!!!!

So, we came home to me muffur looking at us like this...
Blimey! Was she a mad Aul Wan!!
Me Laciepoopikins dashed, AND took the Ferrari!
Me hopes she makes it home to Mumsie!
Me hopes me muffur lets me LIVE!
She said,
"Me lad, I brought you into this world and I can take you out!"
(me thinks she had been watching too many Cosby Show reruns, but I digress)
She blathered on and on...

So this was me 3rd Barkday!!!
Me "Of Age to Drink" Barkday!!!
And, it was GRAND!!!!
Oh, and me Laciecakes made it home safely to her
Mumsie and Pops and Scruffy and Stanley.
The condition of the Ferrari is unknown!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, And Still Celebrating McGillicutty's Barkday, and..........BREAKING NEWS.......!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's day!!!!!!!

Mcjules here....mcgillicutty's furmom (he calls me "muffer")

Oh, my we had a big day yesterday!
Lots of celebration and fun!!!!!
even though mom made us both get bazzers yesterday (bazzer is irish slang for harcut)
thank you all for your good wishes and cards
Here are two more....
and yes, we are still celebrating!!!!

This one is from that laciegirliebeastieprincess and her two fine brothers, stan and scruff...

Now, here is one from butchy, ruby, sylvester, scuby, and hootie... that's a mouthful
isn't he a cutie?

thanks you guys!!!!

Me son is just a precious one, you know.
he's a little of a brat sometimes,
but I love him dearly.
He has gotten so responsible with age, and
he is quite the irishman.
one second, he is calling me right now...
oh dear, it is only 3:45 am....


Appawrently, Me son and laciebeastie have
hit the jackpot!!!!!
oh, me thinks they were driving down the strip
in a red ferrari that they one
he also said that he had lots and lots
of the green stuff ($5.6 million)!!

and... their return is delayed.
that's all me knows!
oh, me hopes that they behave.
i just don't trust his, um, company.
i mean, she's quite juicy (irish slang for cute), but
khyra has warned me. oh dear!

he called me from the boozer last night and he had
tons of the black stuff, and she had
her blender, don't ya know!
(boozer means pub and "the black stuff" is guinness)
Oh khyra, me lass, you may be right!!

i'm calm though. he's an adult terrier now,
what can go wrong?

so, let the hooley continue!!!!
(hooley means pawty... me irish slang comes
out when i worry)
AND, i also blather all day when me worries
(blather means talk)!

But, he's irish!!!

well, one thing is for sure...
he has had the luck of the irish on st. paddy's day
and he is in the company of.....
well, the Lush of the Irish...

the pawple smoothie drinking,
Blender toting,
(and, by the way, her blender is
the size of her arse)
arse is irish slang
for back end or bum


To be continued....

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