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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Visited Me Mom--Therapy Irish Terriers

Miss Amy brought us to see me mom last night. She kept telling us to be "good therapy dogs" and me thinks to meself "Uh Oh, I'm only a level 1 graduate (and I've a LONG way to go.... has she lost her mind?" But, I got to me house, went to me bedroom, and me Moms was there laying on me bed. I knew she was not well. I gently laid by her left side and put me head on her chest. I didn't move. She needed me ( and I needed her), and I just gave her love. First things first though, McMuffer and I had a contest to see who could give her kisses the longest--me on her left cheek and McMuffer on her right cheek. She had tears in her eyes, so we knew that she needed kisses.

I looked up at her with me big brown eyes every so often to let her know that I'm here for her. I love me moms so, so much.

McMuffer left the room to make sure her food bowl was there (of course)---plus sized model, you know. She rubbed in the clothes in the closet and she checked in on us every now and again. Me? I never moved... glued to me mom's side. Sidenote: McMuffer now weighs 32 lbs. (down from 43 lbs) and has about 5 lbs to go. She's upset that she may lose her contract with her modeling agency for the big and beautiful. She's quite slender, I must say.

Me moms doesn't feel like using the puter too much these days (even with the iPad that me pops bought her) so she asked me to apologize. She is just in too much pain. So, I snuck onto the puter when she wasn't lookin'. Send some zen and pawers her way. They are trying to find the best surgeon for the procedure, and me hopes that she just magically heals without it, but the docs say it is necessary. Me thinks she needs to hurry up and get out of pain, heal, and get me home. I miss home, me toys, me yard, me runs with her, me treats, me Tempurpedic bed, me pillow, me mom's lap, me sofa, me pops' embrace, me pops belly rubs, and stealing off of me kitchen counter.

Thanks to all of you for the kind words and the Tulips from DWB....amazing. Me moms favorite is tulips.

Just one more time... look how precious I am FINALLY resting with me moms!!!! Blimey, I love that lady. She's the best moms in the world. But if I had to choose where I rather be if she can't care for me right now, it's with her friend Miss Amy.... she is awesome. I've been a bad boy for her though. Not because I mean to, but it's just so much fun to be bad. Remember, I'm Irish...

Here are some photos taken at Easter--just the weekend before the wreck. Look how happy we are!! Oh, I miss me mom. Oh, and there is one that has me with me 1st acupuncture needle. By the way, that holistic vet cured me.. I haven't had a problem since the day I saw her---March 31st. I now know how McMuffer got fat----I enjoy me food now---raw, baby. It may be a while before you guys hear from us, but we miss you like crazy!!!!!!!

Laciegirliesweetiecakes, this one's for you, babe!

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