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...“If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough."

Monday, July 20, 2009 did WHAT?

Mom, you did what? Ordered me a new bed? Why? My bed is just dandy right here! Well, in that case, being 20% off and all, I MAY use it, but don't get your hopes up. This is my place right here, on the sofa!

Asleep in MY spot!


HOME SWEET HOME! I'm diggin' the new media room!

I claim this spot on the sofa!

When we got home....

I attended a birthday party for my cousin, Cade. He turned two and seemed to be fascinated with tractors. Look at the "hat" I'm wearing around my neck. The things I'll do for two year-olds!

Goodbye New Orleans! See ya next time!

So tired! Boy did I sleep on the ride home!

So Tired! Leaving New Orleans...after one beignet and a long walk around the French Quarter



I love my new Barkarita toy!

Oh Boy! Was I excited about being on the bed!!!

McGillicutty climbed in between us right where he usually sleeps. He rolled over, put his head on my pillow, and kissed me until he fell asleep...literally! As he kissed me, his big brown eyes closed and he fell asleep mid-lick with his tongue sticking out. Then he rolled over onto his dad's shoulder and slept there the rest of the night. What a sweet, sweet boy!

Playing with dad in the hotel room

Pigging out at the Loews Hotel

I'm HOME!!!!

Oh, Mommy! I have missed you so much!

When I first saw him being rolled toward me in his crate, the entire crate started rocking. No more worries of whether he would recognize me or not...I knew it! When I opened the crate, he just started jumping and jumping and doing those Irish Terrier cartwheels in the air. He couldn't stop kissing me! Even when I walked him out to the grass to potty, he was so sidetracked by our presence. All he wanted to do was give kisses. He had been saving them for us!

I'm HOME!!!!

Oh, Daddy, it has been SO long! I love you, I love you, I love you!

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