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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My beautiful mom, Juliet Rose

McGill: Hello everyone! This is my biological mother. Her name is Juliet, and she is a champion in all aspects. Her interests other than being beautiful for confirmation include obedience trials and agility. Boy, can my mom jump!! She could even jump into the play pen where my brothers, sisters, and I were kept---and that's about 3-4 feet!. She would tuck her back legs underneath her and leap straight up and over the side---wow--I hope I grow up to be like her. I have a lot of her good qualities. I am very smart and I'm already jumping. My mom's temperment is very calm, and I am pretty chilled out too. My coat looks exactly like hers right now. She rode with my mommy (Jaime), my sister, Fiona, and my breeder mom, Tracey (Gee, I have a lot of moms, but I digress) to the airport in Allentown, PA. I think she knew that I was leaving her because she jumped in the front seat with us and draped her front paw over me as if to hug me goodbye. It made my mommy, Jaime cry a little bit. But, I kissed mommyJaime and told her, "Let's get to my new home in Mississippi!". And, we did. I was such a good boy on the plane. I slept in my mommy's arms the entire flight. She tells me I'm a dream come true for her. Gotta Go!
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