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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Kiss Fom Mom

"This was the night before I flew out to California. I had the best time with my Mom and Dad in New Orleans. We stayed at the W Hotel, and I loved it. I love New Orleans...this is my second time here and I love watching the people and trying to eat the yummy garbage off the ground (Mom won't let me though)."

McGillicutty's Update from Sunny CA:

"I am doing fine. I'm eating like a pig and playing with an Airdale bitch very well. I seem to be adjusting here, and I LOVE the weather. All the people are so friendly and they give me lots of love. I'm not sure why I'm here....maybe to be a movie star or something. They are preparing me for something spectacular, I just know it! I'm not sure when Mom and Dad will be here, but they better be prepared for a heck of a trip in that crate...Phew--Was I glad to be out of that!!

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