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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chillin' on my porch with my mom (she's in the chair next to me--I have my own)

One of my favorite afternoon activities... sitting on the porch and watching and waiting for something... maybe a squirrel or even a good stick or pinecone to fall from the trees.

My new love is sweet potatoes. Mom buys these dehydrated sweet taters and they are so good! I just love them and I will do just about anything for one. My favorite toy right now is something called a puzzle bone.

I also am fond of my big stuffed moose. Well, most of the time. The other night, we had just finished watching a scary movie and I guess I was spooked or something. I jumped off the bed and ran into my dad's office and began furiously barking. Dad came and checked on me (Mom was still creeped out from the movie. Coupled with the fact that I don't bark unless there is someone or something lurking around that is not supposed to be, mom was spooked) When Dad got there, he realized that I was only barking at my moose (aka meeshka mooshka) on the sofa in my dad's office. What? That thing is scary in the dark!

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  1. I love chillin' on the porch with my mom too. I can't wait for spring so that we can do this again. Right now its too cold in Wisconsin so instead I sit on the couch and watch things out the window.
    We have so much in common because I hate scary movies too! One time my mom tried to watch the Grudge with me in the room and I went totally crazy! She eventually gave up and turned it off and since then she hasn't tried to watch anything scary with me around.


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