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Thursday, February 25, 2010

We've Come A Long Way, Baby! No Blarney!!!

Irish Terriers At Play...

This is how we do it...Lots of Butt Bumps and Cat-Like Moves. Oh so fun!

Me Muffur....So Obedient....

It is at the end...wait for me to stop aggravating her...isn't she lovely?

When asked how we are geting along, I say that it comes in 4 phases very similar to sleep...

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV

Enough said, huh?

Oh, and me Laciegirl, please stop sending me muffer recipes. She gets very excited seeing that the first ingredient is green beans, and then she notices ingredients like A.butter, B. Cheese, C.More Cheese, and then she notices it is green bean alfredo sauce. She cannot have that even if it has green beans. She also cannot drink any of your green bean recipes like Long Island Green Bean Iced Tea, or Cosmopawlitan (add a splash of green beans), or Green Bean Martinis. These, me dear, have many calories, and that's what me muffur has to forgo. To keep the peace, please do not offer any of your nutritional ideas, for they only make our bonding more difficult. For future information, a fat lady gets awfully grumpy when teased while on a diet.


  1. Hehee! You two have some fab moves going in your co-ordinated zzzzing. Way to go pal. But. Remember when the girlies get the upper paw they can turn out like Lacie. Barking of Lacie did you see that ANON comment in poem form on the terrors bloggie in reply to Scruffy's poem? Sheese. Some doggie is going to be in deep woopsies!!

    Wiry love Eric xx

    For photoshopping the best book is Photoshop for Dummies (no kidding) it's very good. But if you want some shopping meantime I can try and help ya square pal!Kisses to ya Muffer.

  2. Loving the pix! Think we might have dropped by befur but somehow forgotten to come back. Mom spotted the Irish terror and had to came right over, though. I've never met them, but she grew up with Irish doggies.


  3. Hmm...Lacie chews thoughtfully on her green bean flavored cheese? No cream sauces?

    No french fried beanies??? Sheesch...

    I have a delicious green bean yellow cake er um I guess that's a no also...


    Honestly, Jules...why don't you just go with a watercress sandwich on whole wheat and a coke zero? Frankly, my dear, I think you look fabbers...

    I saw that paw that Gilly tossed at ya..

    Oh...and Mumsie sez to tell ya we've never cuddled in one bed in our lives...wouldn't happen in this house...YOUR MOMMY ROCKS ON INTRODUCIN' YA...


    Miss Laciegirlie

  4. you think you could sneak outta the house tonight for a DATE? What time does your Muffer go to bed? How's her hearing?

    I'll be there around 10PM...I suggest you give her a Hot Carob with skim and double whipped...guaranteed to make her sleepy..oh...ya might wanna read her a story too...make it boring...

    Kisses, Gillie...

    Flirty ones...



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