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Monday, February 22, 2010

After A Walk...You Get 2 Tired IT's

We were so tired after our walk. Me mom said that we did great on our walk together- side by side and no pulling. I walked next to me mom and Jules walked on the outside, but we were on the left side of me mom.

We KNOW that Mom is alpha...that is for sure. But, we have not established a pecking order just yet. She wants to be and I am going to win this. I have been bullying her around so far, but me mom said that could change.

I want to play with her. I keep bringing her me toys, but she will not interact. I hope she gets to be more fun eventually. Me thinks that she is going to warm up to us soon. She is just tired from her long trip to the South.


  1. From what I hear, she just needs some time to regroup -

    I know she'll warm up to your southern hospitality!


  2. Give her time to come round and I am sure she will be fine.

  3. Hi Gillie, we agree with Bobby, she just need a bit of time to settle.
    Soon she will be playing with you no problems at all.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  4. Gilly...we think you are right, Jules is tired from her trip and from all the changes! Also, she may not be used to playing a lot with other doggies, since she had a pretty important job.

    good luck

  5. It can be really overwhelming to make such a big move and then discover you'll be living with your very handsome, playful son. Give her time to adjust and before you know it she'll be stealing your toys bol

  6. You are nice to share your toys. I don't share Alien with anyone. :)

  7. Oh you think she's GONNA LET YOU DATE?

    I mean, now you'll have a ten pm....

    And my blender? Is she gonna flip about that?

    I think your mom and I need to go SHOPPING...

    We can bond...

    It's the obvious answer...and perhaps I could assist with some strawberry blond highlights in her georgous red fur??? I am good with color...

    Now, Gillie...don't believe Mumsie when she says it's all pawfect 'round her...Stan came in last night with a bleeding face...we think Scruffy nailed him outside, but they aren't tellin''s a good thing Mumsie didn't see that fight...Scruffy would be in the naughty corner for sure...



  8. Wow we ARE behind! We didn't even know she had arrived! Well as for two?? WE are with Scruffy's note ahead of us..I mean we do have the odd little tiff.WE ARE TERRIERS ya know...phhhh you guys will be fine!! Love A+A

  9. Heck. Did I miss Mom's arrival? Looks like Mom (the fur one) could be out of sorts after her journey. I mean I didn't even get to do my escorting bit. I had my sweet terrier talkin' all prepared. Tell her what a swell son she's got and such like. Let her blog Gillie! You know how the females love to yap yap yap that'll put you in her good books.

    Wiry love square cousin Eric xx

  10. Gillie and Jules, Jules and Gillie -- give it some time and you'll be the talk of the town (in a good way).

    We know it takes time. When Just Harry arrived after I had been only dog for three years, we chsed each other round and round and round the coffee table for days and days. We took turns,ahem, humping each other. We played bitey face.------- And occasionally today, almost five years later, we still get a nip or two!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  11. Gillie
    I'm so pwoud of you fow being so hospitable to youw fuwMom. Im suwe aftew she wests up fwom hew awdoo us jouwney and gets used to the luxuwy of youw bootiful home, she will come awound and be loads of fun. I hope that Lacie's bonding wif hew goes well, Lacie is a gweat shoppew and is an expawt on spa tweatments and stuff, so it should be fun fow you FuwMom. Give hew a kiss fwom me, and keep most of the smoochies i'm sending fow youwself

  12. McGillicutty. Everybody keeps telling me to "give it time." Fergi's not my fur moma, but she's old enough to be. She came to live with us after I had the house and people to myself for several months. We sort of co-exist. Don't get me wrong. We love each other. But we're a long ways from being playmates. Sleepmates, yes. Traveling mates, yes. But playmates? Nope. Not yet.

    It'll happen. That's what they keep telling me.
    Love ya
    Jake (and Fergi)

  13. Hi, Gillie!
    I am so behind too!
    I agree with our friends. Just give her some time and you will see how much she loves to be there with you!
    Be patient!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Gillie,
    Things will get better,time is the answer.
    Sally Ann

  15. I TOLD YOU I WAS GOOD WITH COLOR...doesn't she look divine??? And honestly, with that new frock she's got...she's gonna knock 'em dead on the runway...and those shoes are TOTAL killers!

    Jules told me that she's been into designing too...oh, if I could get just one little teeny tiny outfit that she created, that would be fabbers!! Um...PURPLE, of course!

    I don't think Eric is gonna get away with datin' ur mom...he and Toffee from Boston are like married...well, not like Petey is, but there is total commitment there...Um..commitment is not exactly my middle name...actually, it's Anne...Queen Anne's Lace...Scruffy's name is MacScruff, Thane of Wexford...funny huh...he's such a doofus...and Stanley has this um HOOOOOGE his name is in german, and means Horsehead...he neighs sometimes...

    Hey, I bet we can get Stanny to take your mom out...he has a couple of girlie friends, but no dog would like knife him if he did...he's very much a gentleman and KNOWS HIS PLACE...I bet they would enjoy themselves...wonder where they'd like to go...what's in Jackson that's fun?

    Now postie some pix of Miss Juliet tomorrow...are ya gonna keep her name or change it? Mumsie likes Mcdarragh??? but has no idea how to spell it...or Brigit? She's gonna go look at more if she can cast a vote or somethin'....

    If you send Mumsie your address, I just might buy you a pressie, dear Gillie...

    Need to go nighty bed... you think you could get my unmentionables outta your dryer before Furmom finds them? I had 78 thongs I ordered from the Mangominster store...I'm thinkin' that might not be a good outfit to meet your mom in???

    Kisses...Laciecakes XXOOOOOOO

    I bet Hootie would date her too...or (hahahahaha) I'll ask Joey if Tanner could take her out...he's married too, but Tanner is the ultimate doofus...if you offer him a cookie, or a HOT DOG he'd do it for sure...I don't know if they exactly have a lot in common...(Oh, this will be rich!!)

  16. We think she just needs some time to get adjusted to you and her new home, McGillicutty. We know - being patient is NOT a Terrier thing!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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