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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dead or Alive?

Mom walked in the living room this morning after our run and found me like this. She gasped and quickly ran over to check on me. We had a hard, long run, and I was SO tired!

Wow, I'm kinda ugly when I am in a deep sleep, huh?


  1. Hi Gilly

    I don't think you'we ugly at any time. It's nice to get some deep sneep aftew a nice womp
    smoochie kisses

  2. Gillie, are you waiting for some mouth to mouth from Josie. She's in love with you. And by the way, her favorite photo of you is your mom's fav photo too. You are way too cute in that photo! How are the Therapy Classes coming. I'm sure you are doing just fine. You obviously have a good trick of "playing dead" down. LOL...Much LOVE. Woof soon!

  3. Nah...we sleep in much uglier attitudes and postions. It is a terrier thing.


  4. Nah...we sleep in much uglier attitudes and postions. It is a terrier thing.


  5. Ugly is not in our terrier vocabulary!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  6. Actually, that's how you'll look after your date with Lacie - if you're lucky! Rest up, pal! Now that she's all grown up, she's sure to have big ideas for your Valentine's Date!

    Here's a helpful hint: distract her with LOTS of presents, preferably in purple.

    Bon chance, mon ami!


  7. Pay attention to Petey's advice -

    He's only looking out fur woo!


  8. Oh Gillie...I just KNEW that Petey would get over here and make

    DEE ROG A TORY remarks about me...

    I see you've met Asta? She's my best friend forever!!!

    And a total fashionista who lives in New York City...

    As for your posin' on that sofa?

    I can only say that some of those magazines look for HOT DOGS might be interested in those pix!!!

    So where are we goin' for Valentine's Day? What should I wear?

    AND WHO'S JOSIE?????? (Lacie's demure tone turns rapidly into a SCREECH, but she remembers that dear Gillie is takin' her out this weekend and decides wisely to tone it down....)

    Kisses, dear boy...


  9. Gillie, didn't mean to disrespect Laciegirl!!! LOL!! All in good fun. Much Love. Woof soon!

  10. You look pretty normal to me, McGillicutty. I sleep like that all the time - but of course, with my mouth closed! I'm a lady, ya know!

    Love ya lots,


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