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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I KNOW it's Wordless Wednesday, but, Mom is Sick, and I'm Takin' Care Of Her! Also, My Upcoming Valentine's Date With Laciegirl Help Me Plan...

Just Call me McGillicutty, MD. Mom has a fever and a sore throat and is very fatigued. I have manned my post to take care of her.

I just want to do a quick poll. Where should Lacie and I go and what shall we wear? She just asked me that, and I figured I needed to plan this date a little better. I mean, I was just going to take her to a local pub, Finnian's, and have some brewskeys like Guiness, Harp, and others. But...Now, I'm feelin' the pressure to make it well, romantic. I can't lose my reputation as "The Ladies' Man". Anyone have any ideas? Come On, Asta and Josie, you're girlie girls, tell me what you think we should do? Also, please feel free to link this to other dogs' blogs (I need more follower/friends).

Stay Tuned...Maybe Mom will feel better soon.

Irish Love, McG


  1. Okay McGillicutty, M.D.! We need to turn you into the Doctor of LOVE! First, I hope your mom feels better soon. Get better soon, mom!

    Okay, about your date with Lacie. Going to a Irish Pub is fine. But you need to win her over with some treats. Something out of the ordinary and special. Sometimes some of the more expensive stores have cookies baked fresh in the shape of hearts (well around here they do..) made with fresh organic ingredients. Your mom can make them too, but she is not feeling well. If she gets better, my mom has an easy recipe she can send you or you can google for recipes. I also think you can get Lacie a new collar or sweater in PINK!!! Girlie-Girls always like PINK. Or you can go with a toy. It's not so committal. So we have treats, we have a gift, we have the Pub. Just keep the attention on her, and just be your handsome self and you'll do fine.

    And about those followers....just go to other people's sites and join them. Remember if you build it, they will come. Give it some time. It all happens in good time.

    You are a cutie. Still no disrespect to Lacie. Woof! Much Love! Woof Soon!

  2. Oh and I promise to tell all my blog friends about you too.....

  3. Get better soon MOM! wear body armour and other protective gear. You take her to a pub at risk of your life. She likes to drink things from BLENDERS!

    Maybe Asta should take over from here.


  4. My mom is on a kikhk of khonsuming Harps -

    I've explained your desire fur a date with doomsday -

    She really thinks woo should talk to Petey -

    I mean, one of Lacie's dates has disappeared - we haven't seen Joey The Golden Retriever in months -

    We are trying to warn woo -


  5. Geez, Gilli, Lacie and I are just "friends" and even I took her to Paris! I think you should play to your Irish roots and take her to your homeland...maybe a romantic evening at Dromoland castle. This is the land of Yeats, man! Sweep her off her paws with some poetry. She likes her fancy high heels so I wouldn't recommend an evening of step dancing. Maybe a Steelers helmet, crafted of fine Irish Waterford crystal...

    I hate to contradict Josie's advice but skip the pink. Lacie likes purple, violet, lilac—anything the color of a ripe bruise. And I'd skip the heart-shaped cookies too as upside down hearts kind of look like big bottoms.

    Speaking of which, whatever you do, do NOT mention her ginormous caboose!

    Good luck, Gilli. Remember, I'm a married fellow with a lovely sweet wifey who seems to have disappeared from blogging altogether. In short, a perfect marriage!

    Your pal,


  6. Good luck with the date - hope your Mom feels better soon.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  7. That's it...I've totally HAD IT WITH PETEY!!!! (Lacie begins to shriek again, but thinks better of it....)

    Now Gillie...I would ADORE going to an Irish Pub...and if they don't have any pink girlie drinks....NOT TO WORRY...I will of course be bringin' my you have ice down there?? I've burned out three blenders this weekend alone with all our snow...we've had 30 inches since last Saturday...I mean this is PITTSBURGH, not Fairbanks...sheesch...

    Oh...I had nuthin' to do with Joey the Golden's disappearance...I've been wondering about him too...such a nice boy....

    I'm going to go and plan some outfits and get a pedicure...

    Kisses, dear Gillie...


  8. Pee ess...I will be bringing a dead chicken for some soup for your mom...did you know I am a nursing student? Yes, proper rest and nourishment are imperative for her full recovery....

    XXOO Lacie

  9. Gillie...can ya peemail me at:


  10. Gosh, we think the pub thing sounds like a wonderful plan to us, McGillicutty! We think Lacie will roll with anything!
    We hope your mom feels better soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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