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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentne's Day To All!!!

Well, I must admit, it was interesting. But, YOU KNOW WHAT?????? I'm STILL just absolutely word stumbling, panting, tail-wagging, and madly in love with....Max. No, I'm just kiding, Lacie, me girl. Now settle. Me heart belongs to you. Have you met your match?

But, Max, man, I love ya, and I thank God for ya! You have brought so much joy and wisdom to all of the dogs here. What would we do without ya? Better yet, what would I have done without ya?


  1. Woo are just lukhky Max was there to keep her under khontrol!


    Thank dog fur toilet plungers!

    PeeEssWoo: Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. What a date, Gillie. We would have expected nothing less from dear sweet Lacie. Neither of us believe anything derogatory that has been said of her. She's my good good friend and Jake's first date. She's a sweetheart. A genuinely lovely girl. We're both happy you had such a wonderful time, and that you see her for what she truly is. You must realize by now that no chaperone was needed, but how wonderful that Dear Max was able to accompany you on your excursions. He must've gotten a few smiles along the way. And that's always a very good thing.

    Happy Valentine's Day, McGillicutty
    (Pee esS. We saw one of your handsome relatives at the Dog Show in Denver today. Stunning lad, he was!)

  3. McGillicutty
    I just wead the whole adventoowe..WOW ups and downs and fun galowe. I'm so glad you took sweet max along..he must have been a gweat buffew, umm, I mean pal, hehehehe..I know Lacie can be a little loud and enthoosiastic at times, but hew heawt is in the wight place, and I know she thinks you'we hot, umm, I mean sweet. I think she has finally met hew match in you..go Gilly!!!!!!!
    smoochie kisses and Happy Valentine's day

  4. Hey there Gil'bud

    Glad you got sorted with Lacie-girl...she's certain to keep you on your toes! :) When she was on the tour to South Africa, they warned me! Yes they did! I didn't (at the time) realise just how much I should have heeded their warning. Good luck, Bud!
    By the way...thanks for all the comments and support at this time. The Love coming our way from bloggie-lad is truly amazing.

    Take care now,

  5. Oh Gillie...I am so glad we had Max along to carry you to the plane...I know, I do ok with the pints, but it's probably NOT A GOOD IDEA to drink my smoothies OUTTA PINTS...they can be a bit um powerful, especially when one is not used to them....

    As for the whole Blarney debacle, well I was just groomied yesterday and my nails were a tad too short...that and the fact YOU DROPPED ME might have contributed to the problem...

    Oh...and my derriere isn't really so large...I had read your postie about you likin' well more rounded girlies so I bought some...BUTT PADS...

    I had a delightful time at the castle...your photographer developer did an AMAZING job...I look far younger than three in all my pics!!

    We hafta go help Daddy...the snow on our roof seems to be leaking into the house and now we have a flood in the garage and the carpets are wet upstairs...and we didn't even pee on 'em...

    Thank you again for saving my life....I had the best date ever and I think Max had fun with us too!!!

    Kisses dear boy...

    Miss Laciecakes XXOO

  6. Gillie. Boy you were lucky sweet Max was there to chaperone the date of the year. Must admit I was overwhelmed with it all, brought tears of joy to my eyes.....knowing it wasn't me in your boots! made me alugh my square head off too! Fine job on recording your lucky escape with fab photography Gillie and reporting.

    Wiry love Eric xx


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