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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Royal Package For Moi'?

What is it, Mom? I was just catching up on the most recent issue of New York Magazine so I can see what's going on in Asta's world (Notice the magazine to the right).

Oh, I got Royal Mail? Well, of course, what else would you expect me to get? I mean, you think I'd get any other? I, myself get royal treatment, and....what's that? OH! Ok, that means it's from England? Did Eric send me something, or did Bobby? Oh, neither one?

It's from Lucy Jackson? Who's that? (Notice not Who 'Dat) I remember now! She is THE Irish Terrier expert of all time. She writes the book of Irish Terrier, literally. She even has children's books about Irish Terriers. I think her website is I check it all the time. She is such a nice lady who is devoted to our breed. How cool is that? Anyway, that means SHE IS A CELEBRITY sending ME mail!!! Oh cool, Let's open now!

Armmgh,Armghm,Rip,Chew, Mmm..Paper...Fiber...Swallow...Good for Gillie. Huh? Ok, Mom, no swallowing the paper.

Say, how'd she find out about me? I mean, I know I'm famous, but all the way in England, come on?

Oh, you've been communicating with her and her assistant? Why, might me ask?

About Juliet? That's me dog mom's name...what about her?

Yeah, I can't read dat..moving on...

A CALENDAR! WOW! JUST WHAT ME NEEDED! Now, me can pencil in all me hot dates. Oh, and it's an Irish Terrier calendar. I love it! Thanks Ms. Lucy!

Hey...isn't that Ms. Jane's dogs? She signed my guestbook with this cool.

Lacie, I'm lookin' at this date right here.

Now, back to this human writing...what's that say, Mom? Why does Juliet need luck? Why do WE need luck with Juliet? We are WHAT? REALLY? Oh my dogness! Can't breathe, can't think, oh dogness...oh me Irish heart...

You mean to say that she may be coming to visit? What? For good? So, I will have constant company? Oh boy, fun times ahead!

Wait a minute, you getting rid of me? Or, are you sending me away again to do dog shows? Oh, phew! Yay! I'm gonna have a sister, er, another mother...what is she, a mister (combination of Mom and Sister)?! Will she have to fly to get here? Oh, no, let me call her and give her some tips on that.

But, will I still be "your one and only"? Hmmm...let me think about this for a few Irish moments... I'll let you know if I will allow you do to this or not after I pawnder this...More Later...

I may need to consult with all my friends out there in blogland. What's your thoughts? Drop me a Blarney or Guinness Reflection below.



    Methinks you are going to have TWO Mums!

    A hooman one and a furry one.

    What a great life.

    You had best be very grateful.


  2. Uh oh, Gilli! How do you think You-Know-Who(Dat?) will react to you having another sassy redhead moving in with you? Hey, and Asta's not the only one in NYC - I live just a few blocks away from her when I'm not living down here in South Carolina! (I'm a two Island dog!)

    In the meantime, "Laissez les bon temps roulez!!!" Indulge today because tomorrow Lent begins... I think I'll give up Lakeland terriers for Lent.

    Your pal,


  3. Wowser, a sister? Or mom? We're not sure. All we can echo, as a two terrier (of much smaller size) house, good luck with dat!!!!!

    No, seriously, as the saying goes, "life is merrier with a terrier (or two or three)!!!

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  4. OMD!

    How khool will THAT be!

    PeeEssWoo: Nice remodel on the blog - we furgot to mention it last time we khame in fur a pint or two or three!

  5. Gille me laddie. You have the Luck of the Irish to be sure to have a mister moving in with you! I'm always up for adventure, will she need an escort over the big pee? Like me???

    Wiry love Eric xxx

  6. Wow, Gillie,
    You are going to have a sissy, or rather it seems as such. Gillie, if you are show dog, a champion, then perhaps you will be having a girlfriend to visit. If you do, you must be a gentleman. Thought it seems odd for her travel across the big pee to have a date with you, but hey you do have a new calender for all your dates. Or perhaps, you will have a foster mom and sister to live at your house while she shows around the states. If you do have a sissy coming to you, be a gentleman to her in any case.
    Sally Ann

  7. GEEZE LOUISE we TOLD you it would be shall we say DIFFERENT????!!!!! SHe slipped you one of her smoothies didn't she??!!!! WOWSER!! You are getting a sister??????????? ARchie said OH NOOOOOOOOO but then I beamed him off the head..I mean who wouldn't want ot have a lovely sweet little sister like me?? RIGHT ARCHIE...Love A+A

  8. OMD, Gillie...are ya like TOTALLY SURE that Lacie didn't to a bit of a dye job on her grizzled saddle and eat too much? Maybe she's movin' in with you....HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA...that would be the best day of our lives...

    If it's really your mom...oh more hot dates for you, old'll be fetchin' her her slippers and such...GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!

    Did ya see that pic of your handsome selfie on our bloggie today??

    Stan and I have written a book..."Surviving Sharing Your Quarters With A Terrier Bitch"...we may need to send you a few excerpts...


    Always back down.

    Keep us updated!!!

    Scruffy and Stan

  9. Oh for Petey's sake...he's givin' up Lakeland terriers for Lent? AND, he had the temerity to send you his peemail so you could get ONE OF THOSE STOOPID "SURVIED DATE WITH LACIE" bracelets...actually, they are adorable...wear it proudly.... ya had a bit of a hangover? HAHAHAHAHA poor boy...and a full blooded Irishman like your self too...

    You think I might have poured a bit of my smoothies into your pint? (Lacie giggles wildly, until she develops a case of most unladylike hiccups...)

    Now dearest boy...I'd never dream of pullin' one over on you... MOTHER comin' to live with ya is in consideration??? Oh dear...that could cramp our style...

    Kisses, dearest boy!!!


  10. Deew Gilli

    Youw Sistew? youw mothew? ow a possible mothew of youw childwen???
    Oh , I'm soo confoosed. Thank you fow keeping up wif the doings in NewYAwk, you know, you'we always welcome to come visit hewe.( you can pencil it into youw new bootiful Iwish tewwiew calendaw)
    I can't wait to heaw who's moving in..I'm suwe it will be fun, aftew all it will be a nothew bootiful iwish kid
    smoochie kisses

  11. Hi, Gillie!
    Your calendar sure is pawesome!
    A Mister?? I am confused too!
    I guess I have to come back to see what is going on there!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Let me tell you, having a little sister sorta sucks. It's turned my entire world upside down. Maybe it'll be different for you since your mister will be older than you. But still, I do expect that she will try to be your boss. My mom constantly struggles to help me maintain my top dog status. Hope it all works out for you though!


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