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Friday, February 12, 2010

We Got Snow! Real Snow! My Reaction...

Stop Laughing! I've never seen this much white stuff, and it is attacking my yard!


  1. BOL! NOW THAT is hilarious. I'v never seen a dog bark at snow before. BOLLLL!!!!

  2. Gilli, your barking woke me up from a sound sleep! We're getting rain all day over here on the South Carolina coast. Rumors that it could turn into snow later this evening.

    Now Gilli, I'm getting lots of comments about your date with Lacie, that you may not really understand what you're getting yourself see, Lacie is an adorable, highly spirited, QUICK TEMPERED, and mercurial gal. I was looking for love years ago so I went on the Bowchellor and Lacie was one of the girls I went out with. She rigged the voting so she'd win, then immediately ran off to console Archie. In other words, she's not stable, no, that's not the right word—she's fickle. Nah, that's not right either. She loves to flirt with all the boys (including some inanimate objects)and your new pals don't want her to break (or even bruise) your heart. Although now that she's 21 in dog years (and has pretty much exhausted the DWB dating pool - although Carrleigh's puppies this week now add some more candidates.)

    So careful, pal! You just got here and we want you to stick around awhile!

    Your pal (and spokesmen for DOZENS of other dogs),



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