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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie....

Okay, this is my ex-girlfriend, "Little Lady", and I kid you not on the name. I met her at daycare, and we remain friends. She dumped me because I'm too much of a Ladies Man for her. As you can see, although pics do not do it justice, she had a rather large derriere. So, I ain't afraid of big rumps. Anyway, I don't believe that Lacie's can be THAT big. I mean, she seems petite in all the pics. I'll find out for myself soon enough.

I appreciate all your comments on her um, past experiences with the lads. I know that you all mean well, but I just love her, and well, I'm gonna take that chance. The date is still on. I'm counting down the hours...


  1. Gilli,

    I'm so hapy that you'we not swallowing all that bunk about my sweet BFF Lacie. She is gowgeous, and chawming, and fun! I thinkevewyone is just jelly that she's so popoolaw. I've seen hew in pawson and can tell you hew shape is pawsome..pawfect!!!

    Yes she is a littlel fliwt, so what, she's young and unmawwied.
    I know you'll have a gweat time wif hew. She's excitewed about going out wif a handsome , fun guy like you
    smoochie kisses

  2. Gilli. You do? Hmmmm. Love is obviously blind....ooooooohaaaaaa!!!!!!

    Wiry wags Eric xx

  3. As 'they' say, be khareful what woo wish fur...

    PeeEssWoo: I hope woo khan find a state large enough fur her butt to fit...

  4. Wow - Miss Lady's tush looks like Kate Moss's compared to...never mind!

    If you're really a Ladies' Man, you two might just be the perfect -or the most combustible- couple ever!

    Bon chance!

    Your pal,


  5. Little Lady looks quite nice. I've never understood all the fuss about Laci's hind end, it doesn't seem that big to me!

  6. I had a secret crush on Lacie for a little while but now she reminds me too much of my sister, Teagan. Have you seen the pictures of her in her bikini? I think she's got a big attitude. If anyone could be a match for her, I think it'd be an Irish Terrier. Good luck, pal!
    PS My mom totally loves the puppy picture of you in your stripe shirt.

  7. KEELEY HAD A CRUSH ON ME? HMMMM...I didn't know that!!!

    Now, Gillie...Scruffy seems to have made a documentary of our date on MY BLOG...I have NO IDEA who sold him those pix...or how he paid for them...stoopid foxy is ALWAYS BROKE..he really stinks at poker...

    As for those few pesky pounds that seem to have found their way to my derriere? Musta been the beer??!!


    Why were you carryin' that plunger, anyway????

    Kisses and more....


  8. Hi Gilli,
    I'm so glad I can get to your bloggie. Your very cute, and I so hope you have had a fun date with Miss Laci.
    Sally Ann


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