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Monday, February 1, 2010

Still not up to my shenanigans!

I finally laid down about 4 hours ago. This is the first time I have been still since 2am! I am so stressed,man! Phew! I hope I'm better soon! I have my Southern Charm School class tomorrow night. I have to go show off (and I'm the class clown). Now, mom is going to get some MUCH needed sleep...2 AM folks!!!


  1. We hope you both slept well, though we figure that even if you were furry quiet, your mom got up and checked a couple of times.

    gussie n teka

  2. Awww, buddy. You've gotta be exhausted, as must Moma. We hope your new diet and all the magic your vet-man did starts to help, soon.

    We've been away for a bit ... but haven't forgotten you! We'll be back ... once we get into some sort of rhythm. We'll go for a nice slow one, a relaxing one, with a mellow beat. And send the vibes your way.

    Get better!
    Jake and Fergi

  3. Gillie....whoooosh...we've read on somedog's bloggie bout another doggie havin' this problem but we can't remember who and when...

    Ya look miserable...tail tucked and all...

    Keep us updated, kay?..I have a feelin' when you're up to dating er feeling better that you and I are going to have some fun...I seem to have met my alter ego in an Irish handsome dog...

    Your face looks so much like Stanely's but with just much do ya weigh? Mumsie had a dream/nightmare once that she was walkin' all of the long legged terriers with beardies...that meant addin' an Irish and a Welshie to our pack. She awakened in a cold sweat. Can you imagine how ADORABLE we'd be?

    I sooooooooooooooooooooooo hope you're feelin' better dear boy...

    Kisses, Laciegirlie

    Have ya visited Mango's Blog yet? Or Khyra's? Or Maggie and Mitches?

    Mango's in the middle of Mango Minster right now so he isn't actually sociable...well, his manners lack a lot on a daily basis...we have a rather love/hate relationship. He um refers to me AS THE BEAST WITH THE GIRNORMOUS BUTT. As if....

    Kisses, Laciegirlie


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