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Friday, February 12, 2010

My Home Covered In Snow!

Me thinks it is attacking us. Not sure what to do. Do we need a bomb shelter like Agatha and Archie?


  1. Dear Gillie: Thank you for making muzzer smile today. We watched your videos and saw your joy, and it took a bit of the hurt of looking wally away.

    We didn't get any of that snow, but Butchy is sending me another cloud.


  2. We're glad you;re enjoying your snow!! Pretty unusual for Mississippi, right? And better than those awful hurry canes we share.

    Oh, and by the way, we feel compelled to urge you to keep your eyes open on your date and be careful about drinking from any blenders your date may have brought with you. Just sayin'!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  3. Hey Gillie, so I've been doing some research and Lacie seems to have a BIT OF A REPUTATION, so be careful on your date...okay.....I've been hearing all sorts of stories, blenders, dancing on bars, whooping it up...seems she has lots of other "boyfriends" too. So just be careful, okay??? BTW, you're so cute when your "Irish Eyes" smile! TGIF! Much LOVE! Woof soon. Don't be scared of the snow, be scared of your date...BOL!!! Just kidding...

  4. Oh heck. Hope this is't our first and last meeting Gillie cos you seem like a wagging sort of chap. I read you have a date with Flakie Lakie. Crickey. You know she's been know to eat a dog for breakfast.And two for lunch? Better watch what you drink from How her blender. And when she bends down too. Can knock you right off your tootsies. Yeah. You'll have a blast. One way or another.

    Wiry wags, Eic x

    How come a handsome isquare cousin like you has been blogging for over a year with no followers?Sheese. Will have to put that right. BTW I had one of you in my training classes. He was a close second to me in bad boy business.Haa!!

  5. PeeEssWoo: Maybe woo should listen to Josie's khautions...

    The Beast is a real CHALLENGE!


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